Changing aircraft type and ranks


I have a question about changing aircraft type and ranks. When you change your aircraft type, let’s say from a Captain on a 737 to a 777, will you still be a captain on this 777 or will you be a F/O. Another question is, will the company pay for the type rating training for the 777 or will you have to pay it by yourself?

The company always pays for the training.

There is no need to be an FO on an airplane before being captain on it. I was never an FO on the Airbus before I became a captain on it.


As always this is another question where the answer pertains to seniority. So in your scenario you’re a 737 Capt and you want to transition to the 777. There are 4 possible options: 1) if you’re not senior enough to hold the 777 you’re not going anywhere. 2) You’re only senior enough to hold 777 FO in which case you’ll be a 777 FO. 3) You’re senior enough to hold 777 Capt in which case you’ll be 777 Capt. 4) You’re barely senior enough to hold 777 Capt and know you’re going to have a lousy schedule and therefore chose to be a 777 FO for the better schedule. Make sense?

Regardless ALL training is done and paid for by your airline.


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This is interesting, did not know you can jump straight to captain on a new air plane. Im understanding now the severity of seniority. Thanks everyone learned something new!

@Adam and @Chris

Thanks for your answers.