Choosing who to fly for

Is there anything wrong with choosing Fedex or UPS over the Airlines? I know you would still be a pilot but is it less prestigious working for UPS/FEDEX?

From what I see, Fedex/UPS pilots make a lot of money. I wonder what their schedule would look like compared to an airline pilot?


It might be a bit less prestigious to fly for the major cargo carriers like UPS and FedEx, but as you pointed out, their salaries are very high. I personally think that either of those two carriers would be great to work for.

Their schedules can be a bit different than ours as they fly longer trips, but then have more days off in a row. Of course the domestic guys fly shorter trips.



“Prestigious” is an interesting word and I believe is somewhat subjective based on who you’re talking to. While the general public might think a Delta or United pilot out ranks a FedEx “freight dog”, the truth is those guys get paid VERY well, are some of the toughest jobs to get and very well respected by their peers.

As for their schedules they can vary dramatically depending on the aircraft they fly and their seniority. One of the neat things at UPS is all their pilots are paid based on seniority vs what aircraft they fly. What that does is allow someone very senior to get paid at the top of the pay-scale but fly the aircraft and the route they want. Definitely not a bad gig.