College credits for Flight Training

For those who are looking to earn both their pilots licenses and a college degree, check out his link to learn how flight training can be counted towards college credits:

I have a few questions. Some based on school, some based on PPL. And the best thing to do for me, I don’t have a lot of college credits, I’m working on them now, and going to continue to. My plan was to say I would start around next January after I finished the next semester of school. Still not having a lot of college credits but more then I started with. So here’s a few questions, would it be smarter to wait, finish another semester and try to start school in January ( finish degree up while In regionals) and considering I’m waiting another year, would it be smarter to get a PPL in that time, instead of wasting the time not flying. Or not.
Also to factor in I have a few bills I’d like to get payed off between now and the time I started to, as well as save up some money. But then again, I’ve read some post about adding a little more to the loan would be a better outcome in the end. So the money issue isn’t a real big deal, I just mainly curious about weather it would be smarter to jump to school now, or finish out another semester and then decide to go. As well as working on PPL while waiting.
Ive read the pros and the cons of getting PpL prior to ATP, but if I had a whole year, would it be smart?
Thank you for all the help and concerns, I can be more specific/clarify better if I need to.


We always recommend finishing school first and unless you’re uncertain doing all your training at once. That answer hasn’t changed but ultimately you need to do what’s best for you.


Well I definitely plan to start ATP befor I finish school, and then go back an finish degree once into the regionals.
I just didn’t know weather to wait a year to finish a few more credits or go as soon as I could. , and weather or not if I do wait a year, is it smart to jump on the PPL so I’m already ahead a little bit.
Thank you.