Commercial single engine checkride

So finally took my comm checkride, and passed, I thought that I did horrible during the flight but he thought otherwise which was good, just thankful it is over with after how hectic the last two weeks were. I was originally supposed to take it on the 25th but a few days prior, they bumped me to today, and then yesterday around 2:30 I get told that I’m now taking it on the 13th at KCVO, and then when I woke up this morning I got a call from my instructor asking if I would actually like to take it today and of course I wanted to, since I had been ready for weeks!



Great work, congratulations!


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Thank you! Only 4 checkrides to go and I’m 3 for 3!

That is a great track record, keep it up. Also, welcome to the world of professional aviation :slight_smile:


Thank you! Been long time coming, on a side note, idk what happened, maybe he just forgot but I didn’t have to do a power off 180, that being said, I was so prepared to hit the mark😂

Congrats! Keep on trucking through! The end is getting in sight and will be here before you know it!

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