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Looking to see if there are any Wilmington Students on here. I am just getting ready to finish up my PPL (took forever with our lovely 15 "Springs’ and “Winters” this year).

Called ATP earlier in the week to schedule a walk through but was told Wilmington isnt staffed and just has Students and CFIs running out of there and that I could just go down and check it out if someone was around.

Looking to see what its like with no ATP staff just the CFIs and Students.

Thanks in advance for your help,



Hopefully someone at the location will chime in but you should know most ATP locations are not “staffed”. ATP doesn’t spend your money on receptionists or salespeople. They feel the money is better spent on equipment and instructors. The program is very straightforward and basically is what you see on the website and read about on the forum. In truth when I first started researching schools I was put off when I first visited a location. Other schools had fancy offices, attractive salespeople and students in pilot uniforms. All intended to sell me. Not trying to sound cavalier but the truth is ATP doesn’t need to sell anyone. They’ve got a solid incredibly successful program and have been doing what they do for over 3 decades which is training people for careers as professional pilots.

If you’ve got the time swing by and hopefully you’ll find a few people you can talk to but understand if they’re not it’s not that the place is abandoned, they’re probably flying.


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Thanks Adam. That makes sense from what I’ve seen on here over the last year and a half it just kind of surprised me that there is no office attendant to check the planes in and out, schedule the planes for maintenance (and notify others of issues with a plane being out) and so on.

Do people have key fobs to get in and out of the hangers or do CFIs have access to key boxes to be able to utilize the planes and study areas with their students?

I haven’t been on much just trying to get my hours in and get through my PPC so If anyone hasn’t asked recently am I too old to start?

Also I hope all is well on your end with Lane knocking on the door.


Generally the instructors will work together to sort out schedules etc or a senior instructor will take the lead and yes the instructors have access/keys/fobs to whatever they need offices, planes. Again ATP has been doing this a long time and has it down,


Tom when are you looking to start in Wilmington?


I’m looking to start immediately after I have my PPC in hand or just shortly after (my hours from back in the day and now are gonna be right near the 80 needed by ATP) and hoping to have everything done next month.

I’ve been holding off on scheduling with ATP between VIP TFRs in the area, our airport runway work and trying to get a good day I’ve been in a holding pattern for my 2 solo XCs and night flights.

Are you looking to go to that campus?

I’m starting at Wilmington February 4th. I have my PPL with just under 300 hours. I got my private in 1998. LOL. I haven’t flown in 7 years. Going to do around 10 hours this November/December to refresh at Martin State Airport.

Nice. Make sure you do the DC SFRA to give you info on the new rules and regs in that area since the SFRA and FRZ took effect 9 yrs ago.

you need to get to Wilmington and start on the instrument so when I have questions in February I can ask you. Lol

Hahaha. I’ll try my best to get there soon. If during your time getting some hours back in the plane let me know if you get up into Pa. I’m out of MQS right now

Definitely. If you’re closer to February start we can work together.

Sounds good I’ll keep you updated. Also forgot to mention check out AOPAs Rusty Pilot program. It’s like a 3-4 hr course for people that have been out of the cockpit for some time and they go over new stuff and help out with transitioning into using an iPad to your advantage

Awesome. I’ll check that out. Any and every little bit helps.

Hey Guys,

Just checking in. Due to a huge call volume yesterday while I was getting my 1st class medical my start date which was going to be slated for 4/15 after my deposit got pushed to 5/20 at ILG.

Don this means the tables have turned and you will be Instrument rated when I start and you can help me!

Also I believe you just started. How is everything going?

May 20th will be here before you know it. I started this past Monday. It’s going very well so far. Instructors and students are great. I should have completed my instrument by your start date. My projected check-ride date is 04/12.

It will be and it gives me more time to study for all of the writtens.

Hi Tom and Don… just read your email string about Wilmington and enjoyed it. I live in DE and Wilmington would be where I would attend. I haven’t decided to pull the trigger, but seeing some feedback on here about WIlmington is encouraging. From an airport perspective, I would think Wilmington would be ideal given that it’s a good size towered airport but not congested like a major airport would be. Maybe we will cross paths in the near future and good luck to you both in your endeavors.


I actually went down to ILG today just to see what the drive would be like from my house outside West Chester, Pa. The location is actually REALLY nice (I was figuring a throw together office space in a hangar with how new it is) and I actually ran into Don so it was nice finally meeting someone that is going through the program.

I don’t recall seeing your name on here before. If you have any questions the mentors Chris, Adam and Tory are great at responding to questions and there are ATP reps on here as well i would just suggest putting it in a new or a questions thread as they probably don’t pay a whole lot of attention to these type threads.


We do like new threads being started, but I can assure you that we read every single post :slight_smile:

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