Hey Im 14 years old and i have been taking interest in becoming a pilot for a about 2 years now, but i am very confused. Im still in 9th grade and have no idea how to work towards my dream to become a pilot and i don’t even know which university or school to attend after high school. If you could please help as your advice would be much appreciated.


Hello and welcome to the forums. Right now the best thing you can do is do well in high school and get into a decent college. Once in college it really doesn’t matter what you study, just do well in it. After college you can attend flight school to get your ratings.

Some people recommend getting a two year degree, then going to flight school, get hired at a regional and then resume your studies, but I strongly recommend finishing college first.



Hello Simran,

I agree with Chris, right now your main focus should be on finishing up your education the best you can. Then when you are done you can start getting into flying. To start flying in the US you need to be at least 16 years old anyway, and it would not do you much good to start right at 16 because you cannot become a commercial pilot (and make money from flying) until you are 18.

There are many threads in this forum that talk about your same situation, feel free to read up and see what we have recommended to others. Either way, we are here for any questions that you have.



Thank you for your reply, but when you mean by after high school which is college is there specific degree i have to get or can i just attend flight school after my high school. I will be 18 once i finish year 12. Another query i have is i wear glasses will this affect in any way of becoming a pilot?



I am going to be 18 when i finish up my year 12, do i need to get into a college and if so do i need to get a specific degree or can i straight away join a flight school?



The degree can be in anything you’d like. Corrective lenses are approved as
long as your eyes can be corrected to 20/20.