I’m High school senior student and i want to become an airline pilot

Hi my name is Ali and I’m in my senior year high school so I want to become an major airline pilot but I don’t know what should i do right after I graduate from High School. I heard that they want 4 years college degree can you clarify that please and tell me what should i do when I graduate from high school.


Yes, the major airlines want to see four year degrees, the regional airlines generally do not ask for one.

As for the next steps, Adam wrote a great guide that pertains to you, it can be found with a lot of other great information in the FAQ section. How do I become an Airline Pilot?

We generally recommend college first, then flight training, as it is simply easier to stay in school mode and finish your degree, plus there is a certain maturity that is involved in flight training.

I would also urge you to work on your capitalization and punctuation in your writing. These things matter when you are applying for a $300k+ a year job.

Check out the FAQ section and let us know how else we can help you.


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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I will go to college and then I will complete my training, but which subject should I choose in the college to get my 4 years degree?


Really any subject would be fine. The airlines simply want to see a four year degree, the field of study is not important. I would encourage you to study something that you find interesting.