Considering Career Change at age 42. My background is in Engineering/Robotics

Hello Everyone,
Like many of us I find myself here trying to find more information on making a career change to become an Airline pilot. Obviously my interest in the subject have been spiked due to the current circumstances and Pilot shortages. I have worked my entire life in the Engineering/Robotics field (currently employed ). However my Dream was always to become a pilot.
In short,

What is the proper process to become Airline Pilot at my age?

What is a realistic timeline to reach this goal?

In terms of tuition what is the ball park in dollars I would be looking at?

These are only a few questions I currently have, I am sure more will come up along my Journey. Until then any advise and help would be greatly appreciated .

Thank you


Everyone of your questions is answered in our FAQ section and the ATP website. I recommend you spend some time reading and then return with some more specific questions if you have any.


Thank you