Contracts for airline

It seems to be very hard to find online the amount of time you would sign up for a certain program like cadet through Envoy or something similar of how many years you have to stay with said airline. Anyone know what is the amount of time you have to stay with said airline?


I believe two years is the industry standard, but it would be best to reach out to the recruiting departments of the regionals in question and ask them directly.


ok, appreciate that. I will try reach out to them directly.


Cadet programs are typically just a commitment to pursue employment with that airline at the completion of your 1500 hours in exchange for any tuition reimbursement or other benefits you collect.

Pathway programs could have more stringent contract requirements because you’re expediting the process to a major airline. Best to read the fine print on the website and the contract details in writing before signing.


Ok I see. Seems best to reach out and find out what they say about time commitment.
Thanks all