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I would like to know the average cost of ATP

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I’ve seen many of you posts and I respect your input and opinion. I am trying to find a CFI near me that can help me finish up my PPL. I am taking 2-3 weeks of vacation from work to make this certificate process easier and actually happen.

I can explain more, the basics is I have 66 flight hours and I still haven’t soloed-please help.
I’m am very motivated and want this certification more than anything right now. Especially since my agency picked me up in their Pilot program. I want them to know that I’m serious and I love flying-Aviation as a whole.

Ps I’m moving within a month or two and can’t enroll into an entire program e.g. Airline Career Program. I just need to focus on getting my PPL.

Please help

Riverside, CA

P.s I’m willing to go anywhere in the US to make this happen. Though local training is preferred


I am not going to lie to you, 66 hours is a lot of flight training to have not soloed, most people have their licenses in that amount of time. Either your instructors have failed you, or you haven’t been up to soloing, but either way, this is concerning and is a large red flag. Three weeks off work might be enough to finish, but it also might not be, it really just depends on you, the flight school, and how well you do. The best thing you could do before starting down this path is to make sure that your book knowledge is 100% up to speed, that way you will be focused solely on the flying.

I would encourage you to visit a few flight schools in the area and have very candid conversations about where you are and where you want to go.


Hi Chris,

I understand where you are coming from. The above is exactly what I’d say to someone else if I was given the basic information that I gave you.

I guess I was more asking if ATP goes PPL certifications only. I’m an air traffic controller and have been getting my license while with a full time job and going to school full time.

The flight hours are so high for many reasons but I definitely should have soloed by now either way. I didn’t only have one flight instructor at my school. Either way, I just need to get this done. I’m guessing your answer is another way of saying ATP doesn’t do PPL’s and that they only do multiple certifications etc.


Thank you for your response.


That is correct, ATP does not offer stand alone PPL certificates.



Chris has answered every question pretty much as I would. I’m less concerned with your total time vs solo. I understand if those hours have been spread out over a long period of time a person might never have the opportunity. I like your idea of taking 3 weeks off and finally banging your PPL out and see no reason that shouldn’t work. Obviously you need to find the right instructor and unfortunately I can’t help you with that one as I don’t know any.

You say you’re a controller and I’d hedge that. Start talking to controllers at airports in you area. I’m sure they’ve had experience with the FBOs and flight schools at their home fields and can probably give you some idea of who’s pro and who isn’t. Do you research, find the right school and the right instructor. Tell them EXACTLY where you are and what you’re trying to accomplish and do it.


Thank you Chris.

Thank you Adam.