Could I switch ATP locations halfway through the program?

Are students able to transfer locations in between steps of the timeline? For example, could I do the 8-week private license in one location and then finish out the program elsewhere?

Thanks for the help.


In theory, yes you could move with prior permission from Training Support. That being said, I would really recommend against this. Moving means taking time off and taking time off means delays to your flight training and thus not building on your previously learned skills and knowledge. Furthermore, what if weather affects your training time line?

I would suggest figuring out where you want to be, then beginning training.


Thank you for the response, Chris. I will be sure to discuss it with training support when the time comes to make the decision. Good to know that it could be an option if we are able to figure out the logistics.



I am curious, did you read my whole response? To include the part where I said you would not be building on your previously learned skills and knowledge? Let me rephrase it, moving during the program is an awful idea that can only serve to hurt your training. The program is only seven months long, it is perfectly scheduled and based on not having any long gaps in the program.

I would really encourage you to complete whatever move you have planned prior to beginning training.


Hi Chris,

I did read the whole response. I’m only moving from Atlanta to Greenville, SC (less than two hour drive). There would not need to be a gap in the timeline for such a small move, just a change in location. I’m getting married next October so Im hoping to complete the program from February to September, but I know I’ll need to make the move during that time. Otherwise I’ll have to put of starting until next November.


You should run this all by the training department/admissions even before you start. The only time it’s really feasible to switch without any delays is in between ratings. If all goes perfect with weather, aircraft and DPE availability it could work if it’s well coordinated between your old and new locations to not miss a beat. However, it’s not always quite as easy with so many moving parts that are out of your control.