Covid, College, and Flight school

Hey y’all,

I have my associates degree and a cosigner is out of the picture for me, I was denied for the loan last year when I applied by myself.

I’ve been working hard and over the last year I’ve been able to save up $38,000 to put towards the loan. No one knows what will happen, but in your personal opinion do you think, given covid would it be smarter to try to get into flight school now and finish my BS at regionals or to finish the last 2 years of my bachelor’s now and probably spend a good chunk of that money on tuition and try to go to ATP after that? And cross my fingers I get approved for the loan then?



COVID or not I always recommend finishing school first. It’s simply easier. That said the decision is yours. The airlines will recover and sooner is often better.



This is a tough one. While I generally recommend college first, that is in a perfect world. If you went to flight school now, you could be making money as a CFI in nine months. In addition to earning an income, you will be building flight time towards your career. You could always work on your degree while at the regionals, something that will also be building your education while building your hours.

Bear in mind that when the airlines start hiring again, it won’t just be a race to 1,500 hours anymore. The airlines will be looking at your qualifications and flight time, the more the better. Those that train now will be well positioned to be hired by the airlines when the time comes.