Sometimes I really hate weather Delays and DPE availability! It’s been over a month since my CFI and I still haven’t been able to take my checkride for CFII. Scheduled for the 29th!

But looking on the bright side, this delay isn’t all bad! In the last month or so, I’ve gotten my high performance, joined a flight club as a CFI, started a brand new PPL student in that flight clubs aircraft, gained a student teaching them for their PPL in their own personal, 182, as well as safety piloting a lot with 2 other guys that once, I finish my CFiI will both be my students so I can finish up their instrument training :slight_smile: one of them in teaching is using their Cessna 177, and the other is doing it in their 205!

So all in all, this delay was almost a good thing!



Thank you for the update. It sounds like you have been busy and make good use of your time.


Absolutely! I’d have gone mad with little flying! So figured I’d gain experience outside of ATP!


If you want to be an airline pilot you need to embrace the “delay” :slight_smile:


Haha I don’t necessarily mind the delay, it’s more just waiting patiently for a checkride, especially with no many hours of training for CFII

I feel you, I had to wait about a month for my instrument ride (didn’t do my training with ATP) and just tried to keep my knowledge razor sharp during that time. Passed the checkride but I was a little rusty. I know you’re doing great managing it though. Congrats on everything that you’ve accomplished, you’re making the most of your “downtime” :grin:.

It low key hits different when you get to fly without having to pay for it! And aside from my HP endorsement, it’s been on my students domes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unfortunately, my recheck is next week. Today didn’t go as planned . But my first bust and such is life. Ultimately it came down to certain areas that I just wasn’t prepared for but that’s no ones fault but my own :slight_smile:


I am sorry to hear about the need for a re-check. The good news is that you have a positive attitude about it and owned your mistake, that will take you a long way in this industry.


Thanks! He let me finish the oral so my recheck oral will only be 3 things then full flight.