Direct flow

I have overheard carriers such as PSA, Piedmont, and Envoy have direct flow to American Airlines. Have any of you guys heard about how good these programs are since they are promoting only one interview and after three to five years, a direct path to American Airlines. I am not sure whether to be skeptical or this or is this the real deal.

Hey Dan,

The flows to American are in fact legit. There are of course a few caveats as would be expected (any accidents or incidents, checkride failures, DUIs) that might disqualify someone. The only thing I might be skeptical of is the time line. The flow of course is based on demand and as long as the industry continues as it’s been you’ll be money, but any hitches that might arise (the economy, change in retirement age, cost/supply of oil) could slow things down.



United now has a similar program with ExpressJet and CommutAir. It is not a guaranteed job, it is a guaranteed interview. From what I hear from guys at XJT the program is working and is starting to take people in seniority order from XJT.

United is also continuing to hire people from outside this program, such as corporate pilots, other regional pilots and military pilots.