Do airlines care if you go to atp to get your pilots license versus a state school to get your pilots license?

I already have my bachelors degree I was just wondering would I get a better chance of getting hired if I went to a 4 year institution to get my pilots license versus just a regular flight school such as atp?


The airlines hire well trained experienced pilots who meet their hiring requirements. They don’t particularly care where you did your training nor if you even have a degree in aviation.



As Adam said, it is more about the experience than the school. That said, if you already have a 4-yr degree than what would be the benefit to attending a 4-yr flight program? Wouldn’t you want to get to the airlines as quickly as possible at this point?

It should also be pointed out that although the flight school is not necessarily a deal breaker, some thought should go into which school you will attend. We are all graduates of ATP’s program. ATP has been producing airline-quality pilots since 1984 and is the largest flight school in the nation.



If you already have a bachelor’s degree, it really makes no sense at all for you to get another degree from a four year school. This will take you way too long, cost too much and give you absolutely zero advantage when it comes to being hired by an airline.