Do you need a degree to become a First Officer or Captain on a airliner?

I was planing to come out of high school to ATP then become a commercial pilot. I looked around the internet and heard here and there that you need to go to college and get a degree. I thought about the cost of doing ATP and college, thats a lot of money. So do I need a degree to become a airliner pilot?


You do not need a degree to work for a regional, you will need one to fly for a major airline.

ATP will not accept you straight out of high school unless you already have your Private Pilot’s license. To enter ATO you either need a PPL, two years of college, or two years of work experience.

Education costs money, no matter what the career field is, but you expect to someday make $300,000 as an airline captain, then you will need to spend the money to get the education necessary.



So if I go to my local college(state school) and get my 4 year degree. Then go to ATP I should save a little instead of going to some aviation college. I always thought if I were to become a pilot I would make as much as $300,000 for working in the business for a few years. I though at most $100,000. I guess the school and time is worth the money. Thank you Chris