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Do I need a bachelors degree to pursue being an airline pilot?

I’ve been told that I do not need any further education to be an airline pilot. But I’ve also heard otherwise. I haven’t started ATP flight school yet, but plan to within a few months. I do have education beyond high school. But it’s a tech school. It’s not a degree.


This question is actually in our FAQ section and gets asked daily. The answer is simple. If you want to be a Regional airline pilot you do not need a 4yr degree. If you’d like to one day fly for a Major then you do.

Yes everyone knows a guy who knows a guy who’s cousin got hired without but I also know a guy who hit the lottery. It’s still not my plan for retirement.


Perfect. Thank you for your reply. I should’ve checked the FAQ first.

No worries. Trust me your aren’t the only one! But there is a ton of great info in there and it’s well worth you spending some time there.