Dui/ non-conviction involving Canada/Mexico

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,
My name is Zack, and I have been pursuing a career in this wonderful thing we call flying. I’m not here to speak about my past DUI and all that entails. I have to my knowledge, read every thread available on this forum regarding DUI’s and there severity etc etc… Of which I own fully, but my question lays in different pastures, which follows.
So right at 2 years ago, I was arrested for a DUI, case went to court, prosecution completely dropped all charges, nothing more was in that sense done through the court. I know the seriousness of the offense with the arrest itself. As I said I have tried to do as much research as I could to find this out of my own before posting. My question, ladies and gentlemen, is now that I have this 1 blemish. I won’t say “on my record” because in that sense my record is spotless… but since I have this 1 blemish on my “arrest history” how and what does that do for my entry into Canada/Mexico with a airline. I am aware of TRP, and the other night permanent route to admissible entry. I spoke to a regional recruiter a few months ago, and his response was “yes, we hire people with DUI’s, after 5 years so that they can get cleared to fly to Canada etc.” I don’t believe he understood the circumstances with my specific case. Bottom line question… did the case getting dismissed enable free travel for me for a career. Or will I still have to jump that TRP/admissions hoop (which seems to be a killer). Not that the DUI already isn’t. Like I said ladies and gentlemen, I understand the severity of my action, my question lays in what I have asked about the admissions hoop. If it does, then it would seem to reason I wait to start ATP until more time passes to get to that 5 year mark. If getting the case dropped opens that door tho, I could respectably start soon and that wouldn’t be a problem with hiring on at a regional in the next few years. I just wouldn’t want to finish with my hours and then be sitting at idle because I’m missing 1 year and some change on being able to fly all the routes a carrier flies.
Thank you for reading this and any information you can provide.
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Honestly, you are asking questions that are very better suited for an aviation or Canadien immigration attorney. These are complex questions that I think would be better to refer to experts in the matter.

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I appreciate the info. I’ll reach out to a Canadian immigration attorney and see what they had to say. Figured I would exhaust this resource first, thought someone on here might have some info on the topic at hand. Thanks Chris.

For anyone that reads the this thread and may have the same question. I contacted a Canadian immigration attorney and discussed the situation. The immigration lawyer told me that since the charges were dropped then I would have no problem in the realm of my admissibility into Canada. He did suggest getting a letter of opinion from a attorney stating that basically if your arrest record is found and questioned then that document is a quick and effective way to clear it up, which he said was about 750.00.


Interesting. Thanks for the update.

What are the chances of making it to the majors with a scenario like Zack had, I know someone In a similar situation. Although I’m not sure zack just beat it with a lawyer or he truthfully wasn’t under the influence, but either way the case is still similar.

It’s best to contact the airlines directly for questions like these.