Education options

Hi I, am currently doing a research project on job options and had a question on how I should go about getting a higher education Would a attend just this or is it better to get a degree in a college. Thanks for the help interested in your opinions.


Please checkout the frequently asked questions section.


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I am trying to help my son find his way through this whole process. I know that he will need a BA to get hired by one of the majors. But does anyone have any suggestions on where to go?


Check out the FAQ section as there is some good advice in there. But in short, it really does not matter where the degree comes from, as long as the school is accredited and respected. Any state school should be fine, but I would stay away from the University of Phoenix type schools.


I’m currently finishing up my Bachelor degree at Southern New Hampshire University. 100% online and I was able to transfer most of my credits, which was helpful. I’ll be done the 28th of April. The sessions are 8 weeks long so each course goes fast. The university is accredited.