Continuation of Plan

Hello everyone!

I posted here roughly a year ago while I was still in high school. Since then I have made some progress I’d like to share with Tory and Chris who responded to that post and need a couple questions answered.

Recently I have become a full time licensed insurance agent so that I can make more money than the average 18 year old.

I am now in college and by next year I will have my Associates in Business Administration (All in one year XD / I’ve been working my A** off Excuse the language)

Now I do plan on continuing to work for at least another year and a half so that I can save up at least $30k. While working, I found a local accredited flight school that I’ll be using to get my PPL so that I’m one step ahead of the game when I move down to Long Beach to begin ATP. So by December of 2019 I should have me A.S in BA and PPL.

Now here are my questions

  1. How hard is it to find a university to complete my bachelors degree once I’ve been hired by the regionals?
    2)Pertaining to that question, for any of you who have completed your Bachelors online, who did you do it through?
    3)Did you have a hard time with transferring credits over?

I am going to a college noted as one of the best colleges in the United States. So I’m hoping I won’t run into issues forcing me to repeat the same courses again.

Thank You!
Khalid Biary


If your current school is accredited and legit you won’t have any issues transferring your credits. Many people do it and there are many online universities. The majority of the people I know have used schools offering aviation degrees as many will give you credit for not only your Associates but also for your pilot licenses and ratings. I recommend you do some research for specific schools.



These questions are better suited for your college counselor.