FAA U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics

If you’re like me, you like numbers and statistics. I love looking at the statistics that the FAA releases on certificates and licenses, etc. It is neat to see the comparison of data between those that specific certificates and the age. Since age is a popular question that is asked throughout this forum, if you click onto the 2022 Active Civil Airmen Statistics (MS Excel) and go to Table 12, you can see how many of the age comparison of those that hold specific certificates. In Table 13 you can see the average age of active pilots by certificate - SHOCKER, the average age of student pilots is 35.1 :scream: - You are not that old to start! Below is a link that can direct you right to the FAA’s webpage for U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics:


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Awesome! I wonder if you can find the average age of those who got their ATP in the previous 12 months!


I took a look at both the 2021 and 2022 statistics here are my findings:

In 2021, the average age of a student pilot was 34.7, in 2022 it increased slightly to 35.1. The average age of an ATP holder went from 51.3 in 2021 to 50.8. I believe this is due to the possibility of retirees and increase in younger applicants for certificates (and pilot shortage).

Comparing the number of ATP airmen certificates issued from 2021 to 2022, the difference is a tremendous increase of 4,485 (comparing table 17s). The number of original issuances of ATP certificates in 2022 was 9,588, while in 2021 it was 4,838. Represented in table 18 “additional airmen certificates issued by category” you can see the rapid decrease from 2019 to 2020 and now we’re seeing an increase. In table 19 you can find that the pass/fail for an ATP in 2022 was 91.2% which is a slight 0.7% decrease from previous year (2021).