ATP Age?

Hi there. I was wondering if ATP requires a certain age before starting their program. Which ratings can I get at the age of 16?

Thank you very much.


ATP requires their students have either a Private Pilot license (FAA minimum age 17), two years of college or two years of work experience. So right now you will have to wait a bit before attending ATP. You can however start preparing by looking at which college you will attend. Also, feel free to ask us any questions.


Ahh yes, Thank you for clearing that up Chris.

This is more of a broad general question, but do most carriers in the US have height requirements to become a pilot?


While the military does the airlines do not, provided of course you can comfortably reach all the controls. I know pilot’s who are 5’ and others who are close to 7’. If you’re in that range you should be fine.


FYI, Air Force height requirements are Standing height of 64 to 77 inches and sitting height of 34 to 40 inches.

This is based on ejection seat design, which every AF pilot will fly at least a T-6 in the first phase of pilot training.

As Adam said, there are no FAA limits. I know some of the smaller aircraft are tight to get in and out of the seat, but I’ve never had a problem with seat adjustments and rudder once I’m in the seat. Of course this is if you are on the taller side like me at 76".