Family visiting me?

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Let me start off by saying this forum is extraordinarily helpful, and I thank all ladies and gentlemen for your daily hard work in answering every question in due detail. Now, I am in the process of applying to ATP, I do not wish to jump the process, but my parents want to know how often they can visit me or if they can visit me at all. I showed them the ATP housing forums and made it clear to them, overnight visitors are not permitted but what about during the day visitors? How often can they come? How long can they stay? Please let me know.

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While I respect your desire to have family visit on occasion, student housing is for students only. In addition to being a living quarters, students often use it as a quiet place to study. So, it would be inappropriate for visitors to mingle. Now, there may be a time when an exception can be made, but it should not be expected. When I had family visit we spent time together in town.



If you are going to have visitors, I would highly recommend finding them a hotel in a nearby area. Like Tory stated, housing is a “safe-haven” for student studies and resting.



As Tory said student housing is for students. That said there may be times when your apt is fairly empty (in between student starts, students in the Crew phase etc) where they may be able to come by and check out the digs but again that’s strictly for the day.

Your best bet is should you have a down day or 2 to get away from things and go into town, sightseeing etc. I would also use this as an opportunity to spread your wings a little and leave the nest. As a pilot you will be spending quite a bit of time away from family and friends. This is something you need to get used to.



Your parents can visit as much as they want, but they will need to stay at a hotel. That being said, I would really try to limit the visits. ATP’s program is very condensed and you will need every spare minute to study and prepare for your flights, it just really isn’t the time to sit around having extended family visits. Call them, FaceTime, send texts, but limit the visitation time. Beyond just the studying, this is also a time for you to strike out on your own and begin to navigate the world on your own, use it for that and learn from it as you will soon be diving in head first.


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