Living at ATP

I am planning on attending ATP hopefully before the end of this year and I just had a few questions regarding the living situation because I just turned 21 and am still living at home. Do I expect a dorm type living experience or is it closer to just normal apartments? Am I going to be living with other pilots or normal citizens as well? Am I required to live alone? I have many questions someone please help. Thank you


Assuming you utilize ATP housing, they’re actually very nice shared apartments with only other ATP students. I actually enjoyed the housing greatly. Lots of comradery and mentoring going on.



Housing isn’t required. If you live near a training center you can opt to live at home and save some money. The student housing is simply an option for those living farther away to cut commute time. Typically a room has two twin beds, so a two bedroom can have up to 4 students.

You may be able to schedule a tour of the student housing if you call the admissions line.



Housing is an opportunity for students to reside close to the training center on a month-to-month payment schedule where utilities and other expenses that come with renting are accrued. The other benefit to housing is you’re grouped with students who are also there for the same reason, maybe starting at the same time, or one phase ahead… so asking questions and getting help really sets you towards the next level.

When I attended ATP, I was fortunate to stay in the apartment with my instructor, and I really made sure to ask any questions I had. I think rooming together with others with the same passion and focus is enjoyable and allows for a lot of growth.