Fastest route for me

Whats up guys. Hope everyone is well.

I am 24 years old soon. No degree. I know I am young and I have time. Looking for advice on what my most efficient route would be heading towards the Majors. Not looking for simplest or easiest. Just the most efficient.

Thank you for you time!


The most efficient is to do your training at an accelerated flight school like ATP but you will need a degree of your goal is the Majors so you’ll want to address that sooner than later.


I agree with Adam. In terms of efficiency, an accelerated program would be the way to go. Get you building your hours SOON. As far as a degree, some advise to get a degree in something you could fall back on. And the time between now and reaching a major would be ample time to obtain a degree. If you are not concerned about a fall back degree, then there are schools (Liberty Uni.) that will give you advanced standing credit for your pilot ratings. Those credits will go towards an aviation related degree that doesn’t have a lot of usability, but for the purpose of getting on at a Major (if it’s required) then the degree major doesn’t matter.