Feasible jobs during school?

Hey everybody-

As I’ve been working on my budgeting, planning and financing for ATP, I’ve wondered if anyone has had a job they worked during school that fit their schedule well enough?

I know the schedule is going to be ultra-demanding, and I’m not expecting to be able to work many hours at all, but I’m curious if anyone who has completed flight school did so while working. If so: what jobs did you guys have?

I’ve requested enough money in my loan to cover my bills during school, but I’ll have burned through my savings and be damn close to 0$ by the end of the program if I don’t supplement it at all. I’d love to be able to work 1-2 shifts a week and cover at least one of my monthly bills without using my savings/loan, and figured this would be a good place to see if anyone had done anything similar and had good recommendations.

I’ve worked in customer service for 10+ years, I’ve got a bachelors in Political Science (that’s been useful, haha) and an MBA w/ concentration in Media & Communications, for context.

Thanks y’all-


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Working during the program is HIGHLY discouraged. Many people are attracted to ATPs program due to the accelerated timeline but that timeline comes with a price. To be successful requires a 100% commitment. When you’re not in training you’ll need to be studying or resting. While ATP (nor your instructors) will police you and tell you that you can’t work, WHEN (not if) you fall behind, bust checkrides etc they also will not be sympathetic.

None of the mentors will encourage you to work or offer suggestions on possible jobs. If you choose to work you do so at your own peril.



I just reread a version of the Student & Instructor Handbook I had (revisional July 2021), it states “Students must be available for training seven days per week” [wording may have changed]. Furthermore, it follows up with, “Work, recreational, and other educational commitments are discouraged while enrolled in the ACPP.” Working or looking to partake in extracurricular activities can hinder performance and success while attending the ACPP. Think of this, you could find yourself in a pickle if you had planned to work one evening, but your morning flight was postponed until an afternoon slot opened due to weather constraints. There will be times when you are not only conducting lessons in classrooms at the training center, but nightly Zoom Elevate sessions.

There are and have been students that worked part-time doing things like deliveries (i.e., Uber, Door Dash, etc.), but that doesn’t answer if they either are/were successful or failed out… We can’t tell you what to do, this is America, but we don’t encourage working during the program, as Adam mentioned.

We all have made a financial commitment at one point, don’t let the finances be the deciding factor. If this is something you want to do, you will find a way to manage. There are programs once you obtain your certificates and instruct that can help offset the loan payments:


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Like the others, I do not recommend working while in training. Have some done it? Probably, but the vast majority of those who attempt to work and train will end up having their flight training negatively impacted by working.

Check out this program though, it might help: