February 2024 Schedule

Below is my schedule for February. I was on a 60 day secondary line (lines are explained here) that started in February and went through March.

This pattern was another interesting one. I was what’s called ‘displaced.’ This occurs when you get kicked off your flights due to OE flights. This happened to me on the 12th and 13th. Per our CBA, if you get displaced, you do NOT have to do any additional flying (unless you want to) from the displaced flights until your next operating flight. Since I was displaced the 12th and the 13th, my next scheduled flight was 2/16 night. Instead of being stuck in MIA, I asked scheduling if I could layover in LAS since my sister lives there. I got a mini vacation at her house. Then, 2/16 night I was double booked with another FO and got moved from operating to a DH.

16 days off not including the extended layover in LAS and the first AWRD day since it was gateway travel.

AWRD means an originally scheduled day on was awarded off.

  1. off
  2. off
  3. off
  4. off
  5. off
  6. off
  7. AWRD (gateway DFW-BWI)
  8. BWI-SKF
  9. layover
  11. AUS-MIA
  12. MIA-LAS (DH)
  13. layover
  14. layover
  15. layover
  16. LAS-AFW (DH)(redeye)
  17. AFW-RIC-AFW (redeye)
  18. redeye ended 7am, off rest of day
  19. AWRD
  20. AWRD
  21. off
  22. off
  23. off
  24. off
  25. off
  26. off
  27. off
  28. off
  29. DFW-SAT (DH)