Nov 2023 Schedule

November started off with the end of October’s pattern and a DH home. 14 days off. I didn’t count the MED (out sick) as a day off nor did I count the gateway travel as a day off.

The 11/16 flight to TOL ended up cancelling. I only had two days left on my pattern, and per our CBA, if there are 2 days or less left on a secondary line (which is what this was) they have to release me from my pattern, which is the two additional award days off on 11/17-18.

Another cancellation when I got to CVG on 11/25. Very abnormal.

I got sick on 11/28 and had to call out and head home on 11/29.

AWRD means an originally scheduled day on was awarded off.

  1. BWI-DFW (DH)
  2. AWRD
  3. off
  4. off
  5. off
  6. off
  7. off
  8. off
  9. off (gateway DFW-CVG)
  11. layover
  12. BWI-SKF
  13. layover
  14. SKF-RIV
  16. AFW-TOL-AFW, cancelled and released from pattern
  17. AWRD
  18. AWRD
  19. off
  20. off
  21. off
  22. off
  23. off
  24. off (gateway DFW-CVG)
  25. CVG-MHT-CVG, ended up cancelling
  26. layover
  27. CVG-AUS
  28. layover
  29. AUS-DFW (DH)
  30. MED