Finance w/ Bankruptcy

I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with being approved with a bankruptcy on your credit report. I am planning on applying for financing late summer 2024 to have more time from my bankruptcy. My credit score is currently 641. I just decreased my credit utilization from 86% down to 5% this month, I am waiting for my credit to update with that. With waiting until next year I am planning to hopefully get my credit to mid 700 if possible. Unfortunately, the only co-signer I have is my wife and we both had to do the bankruptcy together back in 2021. I am not sure if I would be approved if myself and my wife got to the point where both our credit scores were in the mid 700s by the time I apply.


We are just pilots and can’t comment on the specifics of your financial situation. However, ATP has a wonderful finance department that can help answer many of your questions. Of course, you probably won’t know for sure until you apply for financing when the time comes. But maybe you can work with the finance team to discuss your options.

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As Hannah mentioned, I’d recommend contacting ATP finance and they’d be happy to assist. They can be reached at 904-595-7946, or