Is it possible to get accepted for the ATP loan with just a co-signer

I plan to attend atp, and the cost is 89 k. I’m not rich so I need to take out a loan with WF or Sallie Mae. I don’t have a credit history, but my dad is willing to be my co-signer. He’s in 760 range with 8 years of credit age and the only debt he has is a mortgage and a car. Do y’all think it is possible for me to get approved with me having no credit history and my dad being my co-signer? I understand that more things need to be taken into account like income, DTI ratio, etc. But I just want to have a second opinion .

@Brady he seems to be the expert on loan related stuff :joy:

@JoshuaMcCormick, oof.


It’s def possible but you really won’t know until you apply. I would contact ATP Admin for more info.


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