Both loan applications denied

I applied with a cosigner for the Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo loans and both were denied. Cosigner’s credit rating is in the mid 700s. Any tips on how to make the application go through successfully or other options to finance ATP?

I initially requested a higher amount than the cost of attendance and it was not approved either regardless of my Cosigner having good credit. All i did was change the amount and only request the Cost of Attendance (Program, Examiner, and Supply Fees) and it was good to go. Once it got approved they gave me the option to add a little more for sake of " supplies, housing, etc" however you should already have it included in the Cost of Attendance if you followed the Cost Estimator on the ATP website.

I applied Wells Fargo and they approved me today with joint co-signers. One co-signer had the better income and the other had a really good credit score like 800 but not necessarily the income and it worked. You could ask if that’s an option for you. Or have them run the application again with a smaller amount. Your credit file won’t be pulled again.