Financial Help

I have been thinking of getting into a pilot career. I have recently requested info and have been browsing the site, where i came to notice you guys only have two types of private loans. My question is:
-Is there other financial help provided or accepted besides private loans maybe like FASFA??
-If not interested in obtaining loan, do you guys provide payment plans? Monthly payments?

Thank you


Thank you for your interest in flight training with ATP.

Federal Student aid that is given to students doing college coursework through a FAFSA form cannot be used help cover the costs of our flight training program.

We are a vocational training school, not a college university.

However, we are proud to be the ONLY flight training school in the COUNTRY that can cover 100% of the costs of becoming a pilot through private student loans.

Our lenders have more competitive interest rates than a Federal Parent Plus Loan and more customized repayment and re-financing options.

Due to our track record of getting more of our graduates employed at airlines than any other flight training school in the country, we can offer the most comprehensive flight training and lending options available in the industry today.

The above link brings you to the payment schedule information for self-paying the costs of our flight training program.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Just a quick update! Passed my Class 1!!!

Fantastic news! Congratulations!

What is the next step for you?

Work on financing Chris, then a start date!


Good deal. Keep us up to date, please.


Absolutely will Chris, excited but focused!