School Finances

Sooo growing up I wanted to be a pilot pretty bad but, at one point that dream died because I thought it was too put of reach. I have been reconsidering my career choice, right now I am a Light-Duty Audi Technician at 20. Finishing tech school this May and have been considering looking at getting a pilots license but, I am worried I might not be able to afford it. My question is has anyone been able to find helpful scholarships and grants to help them afford the schooling?


Flight training is expensive and for many its biggest obstacle. Unfortunately grants and scholarships really don’t exist since the fact is not everyone can or should be a pilot therefore the schools, airlines etc are reluctant to front the money.

On a positive note Tuition Reimbursement is available from some Regionals but that’s only after you’ve successfully completed your training.


Got it, well maybe I’ll look into tuition reimbursements and loans,

Thank you

The vast majority of students (including myself) finance their flight training through loans. The first step is to apply for a loan and serif you get approved, the approval is good for one year.


I financed my flight training with ATP through Sallie Mae, while interest rates were not low nor are they any better, it was still the best move ever. I know many pilots who financed all of their training and that seems to be the norm. Programs like ATP offer smart option loans and repayment plan, take a look at ATP’s partners:



No worries, most people can’t afford flight training out of pocket! You know why? Because it’s expensive and most people don’t have that kind of cash laying around. The vast majority of people finance their flight training. Getting the loan can be difficult at your age with not a lot of credit history. You’ll probably need a co-signer.