Loans for ATP

Hello everyone,
I have a few questions that are lingering in my head everyday and I would like a few different points of view on them.

I am currently a college student(majoring in photography) and my goal in life is to be an airline pilot. I am saving up to get my PPL done around the time I graduate college (3.5 years). The goal is to get up to 80 hours, do all my written tests, and then do ATP. The hardest part is financing the loan for it. I have no co signer, and that is why I wasn’t able to attend my dream college, I got denied a loan from every bank I tried. I have a car loan that I got on my own. I have credit cards, and when I plan to start ATP I will be 22 and have 4 years of credit. My credit score right now is around the 720 mark. I worry every single day that I won’t be able to get approved for the loan as I have nobody to help me. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


That is a tough predicament that you find yourself in. Without a co-signer it is going to be hard to get approved for the financing. My suggestion is that you save up as much money as possible and then apply for a smaller than usual loan. You might actually need to save the entire amount.

To that end, and please forgive my ignorance, is a photography major really going to put you in a position to make any serious money? To an outsider it seems that something has the potential for a higher income would be more beneficial to your goal of being an airline pilot.



I’m with Chris. Getting the loan solo is going to be tough but as he said if you can apply for less you might be successful?

I am curious as to why you’re saving money for your PPL and the 80 vs doing the whole program with ATP? If you’re waiting till you graduate to do the training anyway why not do all your training there? ATPs rates are very competitive and I think you’ll find the route much quicker and more efficient.


I actually work at a flight school part time, and I get money towards my training. I am trying to keep the cost as low as possible, which is why I’m going to start with a PPL so I have a better chance of getting the loan.

Photography major probably won’t make me much money in the long run, but it is my 2nd passion to aviation. I’m thinking of working a full time job at the airport for a while to save some money for it. Could I possibly get the entire loan by myself?


Thinking it’s 6 of 1, half dozen etc if you come in with your PPL and ask for a smaller loan OR save the cash and ask for the same smaller loan? Your call but I’d still think about doing the whole thing.


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