Financing through ATPs suggested banks

Was just wondering if anyone has applied for financing through Fannie Mae of Wells Fargo and what the best possible interest rate might be. I can currently get a loan for about 5% and didn’t know if it was even worth it to apply to these institutions or just go with what I have. Has anyone received a rate better than 5%? I know everyone’s financial situation is different but curious on rates before applying. Thanks


I’m sure some current students will chime in but from what I’ve heard recently 5% is a pretty good rate. Anybody?


From working in banking I can tell you 5% for an unsecured loan is really good. I recently when through the financing process with Sallie Mae and I have 9% which is still good for the amount of money im asking for considering its unsecured. One of the main reason I chose to go with Sallie Mae. only because I choose to defer my payments,

I would stick with the 5 percent unless you can pay without using a loan. I doubt SM or WF could do better. I am using SM and have a high interest rate.


My rate is a little over 9%… I’d take 5% in a heartbeat!

I think mine was 6.25 through Sallie Mae

thanks everyone. I’ll stick with what I have

What bank did you get 5% with?

This was a secured loan. Refinance a home at 5% and took the equity out for ATP school. I knew I could go this way but did not know what Wells Fargo and others rates were, which drove my initial question. I know not everyone can do this but it was an option for me and probably my best one.

Wow that’s a great option wish I could do that… Got to own a home first! :smiley: thanks for the reply wish you good luck, you’re go for launch! :flight_departure::flight_departure::small_airplane::rocket::rocket: