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I have read through the loans page on the ATP website, and examined both the SallieMae and Wells Fargo loan options. However, I was wondering if anyone had any additional preferences of additional information about either of these loan options or other programs I may not be aware of? Any insight would be much appreciated!




I can only tell you what I know about Sallie Mae. My interest rate is 9%. I
don’t know of other financial institutions besides Sallie Mae and Wells
Fargo. Give Admissions a call and ask to speak with the Finance Department.
They’ll know what’s available besides what is advertised.


9% is a lot and adds up real quick. With a good credit score, how low do you think someone could get that interest rate? And do the loans that ATP recommends start building interest immediately or do the wait till you get your certifications.
Do you know anybody with a lower rate?


This subject comes up often and from what I understand it’s hard to do much better. The problem is these loans are unsecured so the risk is inherently higher. If you own a home and could possibly take an Equity Loan you could easily cut the rate in half.


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Your loan is broken up in to four diaperspursments. So for me, the first $16,000 started earning interest on my start date, the second $16,000 started earning interest just yesterday, and each month for the next 2 will add more. So the full amount will be earning interest after about 4 months.


I don’t know anyone with a lower rate. Interest is accrued immediately. I
had a 6 month grace period before payments started. Now that the program is
9 months…not sure if the grace period changed to 9. That’s a question for
the finance department.


Great! Thanks for the insight

Tory - Yes, both Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo allow for in-school deferment for 9 months (or longer if training is delayed). We monitor training progress and notify the lenders after the final day of training. The 6 month grace period begins after the last day with ATP, then payment normally begins. Sallie Mae offers 12 months of interest-only payments after the 6 month grace period has been exhausted. Wells Fargo has a new 24 month forbearance option (no payments required) for graduates who are building to 1500 hours of flight time. All ATP graduates receive an email from us at the end of training to remind them of these flexible repayment options.

Cameron - Variable rates start as low as 3.75% and fixed rates as low as 5.75%. You’ll likely need a cosigner with near perfect credit in order to qualify but we do see several of these low offers each week. Most applicants can expect to receive rates of 7-9% variable.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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