First class medical for PPL?

Hey everyone, im seeing conflicting info online and figured this would be the best place to get a clear answer

I’m about to start flight training for a PPL, with the goal of working my way up to a commercial license. Should I be getting a first class medical exam now, even though it’s not needed at this stage, just to make sure I pass?

And if I get a first class, will I still have to renew every year, or do I get 60 months worth of a class three?


You might as well get a First Class Medical now, the privileges are good for 12 calendar months; thereafter, will revert to third class privileges after which will be sufficient for the private pilot checkride and certificated privileges. Your choice to renew yearly, but if you hold at least a commercial pilot certificate you will need at minimum second-class privileges, so renewing is a good idea… plus the criterion is stricter for a first-class so you will know if you can maintain a 1st the whole time.



If your goal is to be a professional pilot, you need to make sure you can obtain a First Class medical. If you cannot, then there is very little point of going through the training.