First Class Medical restrictions

Hi there, This past month I took my first class medical exam and as a result I found out I found out I am colorblind and was gifted the “not valid for night time flying or color guided landing”

From there I’ve been trying my best to look up what to do, who to go to, and I can’t help but feel that I am running around with no end in sight. I spoke to the FAA to set up an appointment for an OCVT, I was told that I need a letter of authorization and the process was to be started by my AME.

I contacted my AME and they told me that they have never done anything of the sort so that this is wrong. The FAA also said that I could contact the Regional Flight Surgeon office for the LOA.

Only for me to be directed back by the RFS that I should have flight medical records in store with the FAA and I need to have those sent to them in order for them to consider giving me a LOA.

Am I doing this right? Can I get some pointers as to how I should be going about this? I feel at this point I’ve been wasting precious time that I could’ve been using searching for another career if in the end I’m just going to get told no.


First off I’d definitely find a new AME. Even if they’ve never dealt with your situation they have resources and should be willing to help.

Next I contact either AMAS (Individual Assistance - AMAS) or AOPA. AMAS charges a fee but they’re very thorough (it’s who the pros use) and AOPA will require membership but if you really want to fly it’s worth it.



In researching your situation I found this great article by AOPA. It seems to provide very clear guidance on your next steps. I would absolutely pursue these with a new AME that is understands the process as well.

Hope this helped!



AOPA or AMAS are definitely the places rot go for help with this one.