First emergency experience

Little bit unrelated to ATP, but today I was safety pilot for someone in the 205 and we had an electrical failure. We were shooting an ILS into KSHN in Washington and we noticed us losing electric so we turned back towards KBFI where the guys home airport was. On the way there we turned off everything non essential and left only comm 2 on. About 15 miles out we contacted tower and within a few miles from there they cleared us about 10 miles from the airport to land in case our comm 2 turned off, which sure enough did. Once one the ground we could hear them with our handheld and then immediately cleared us to pull off the runway and cross another runway and then gave us taxi instructions where we were met by airport ops and the fire department and sheriff where they wanted a debrief. All in all things went smoothly!

Nice job.


That’s crazy, how did the other pilot handle it?

He did most the work tbh, it’s his plane after all, I just kinda helped him flip switches, pull breakers and grab his hand held from his bag in the back. He’s a 800 TT private pilot working on his IR so I expected him to fly beautifully and he executed perfectly.

Sounds like you both handled it well. Good work.


Thanks! As much as I don’t want these types of events to constantly happen, there’s a lot to learn from when they do

It’s probably a good feeling to get your first emergency out of the way


Honestly ya it does, and while I didn’t freak out, the guy I was with had 3 times the hours than I do and it was kind of relaxing seeing how’s calm he handled it. It wasn’t that big a deal still