Update from GKY Arlington location Student

Just wanted to give another update from Arlington Texas. Anyone having doubts about taking this path should come to this location and take a tour. I continue to be impressed daily here. Wednesday was a rough rough day. I am doing Take off and landings and had been progressing well. However the winds today were giving me fits along with super hot temps at a new airport and the plane we were in just would lot cooperate. My instructor could tell I just wasnt in the zone and not myself and pushed me thru a few more tries with great tips lessons and we headed back a little early. He didnt let me off the hook I still made the radio calls and checklists ect and looking at it now I am glad he didnt let me just sit and do nothing all the way back. A good ground lesson after the flight and Thursday had me back at it. The landings today were awesome just where I needed them and back on track and I couldnt be happier with how my instructor seems to anticipate where I am and guide me right to the points I need to be. I never get too comfortable before he is pushing and urging me for more and its exactly what I need. This is a VERY challenging course but with the professionalism I am experiencing from not just my instructor (who I will say is just the best ) but all instructors here I have ZERO doubt that I will be more than qualified and ready when my day at the Regionals comes.



Thanks for the update, I am glad to hear that the program is going well for you. You will be in that RJ before you know it :slight_smile:


Great to hear Derrick and we all appreciate the updates.


No problem. I did my take off and landings Eval today. Ryan has done an amazing job of preparing me and I was hitting my marks fine but there were still the last 5 to 10 seconds we were trying to clean up. I had no doubts about my eval however. I flew with Clay out of our location and he gave me some insight from just a different perspective and different words and it totally changed those last 10 seconds. Just blew me away that just using a different way to describe a procedure could make it so much easier and just within 20 minutes in the plane with me!!! I am blown away by the level of professionalism skill and attention to detail these instructors have. If all of the instructors for ATP are HALF as skilled as Ryan and Clay then I have zero doubt of getting thru the course with no worries. I have had contact with many instructors from many jobs from military to fire service in my life and I can count on one hand the ones that have the ability to teach and relate as these two guys. Top notch for sure i will hate to see them snatched away by a regional carrier and can only hope to someday be right seat for them.

How long did it take you to land on your own? I’m currently working on landing and T/Os after 3 days and I still can get my flare right :/. I just want to see is it normal to take this long after 3 days? Lol

Well into my second block of landings more than three days. I am sure your doing well it’s a feel thing and takes repetition over and over. Just remember that it starts way back on the downwind. Set up back there and start right and then after you cross the threshold and your airspeed is on the money just move your eyes to the end of the runway and hold it. It will sink on its own I feel like it’s not so much a flare as it is holding the nose up just a bit and letting it settle

I hVe my TOL Eval tomorrow, how was that? I’m a lil nervous lol. However I can officially land the aircraft by myself, however all landings aren’t all on the center line I would say 60-70% of them lol… any insight?



Just follow your instructor’s advice on this one. Maintaining centerline is an art, but is especially important in the larger jets.

That being said, I still have my moments where I don’t quite get it like I would like to.



As Chris said this requires some practice, BUT, let me offer you this. If the airplane is not on the centerline it’s because YOU’RE not putting it on the centerline. Now this may sound incredibly obvious and overly simple but think about it. While this is all new and you haven’t developed the level of control that you will eventually, you also can’t be afraid to BE in control of the airplane. When we’re new we tend to be a little timid and we’ve also probably been told not to “over control” the plane but there’s a difference between being “heavy handed” and being firm. When you’re coming down and you see that centerline drifting fix it and keep it there. The less deviation you allow the less you need to correct. Bottomline you must fly the airplane vs letting the airplane fly you.


Hello Derrick! Hopefully you can read this as I am sure you have a busy schedule. I heard that at Arlington they fly you out to a different location for your CFI training? Is that right? I have called and they gave me different answers.

Hey there I am not sure who told you this but it’s not really the story here. I just did my check ride today in arlington. There are times when if they are backed up they may fly you over to Addison or another Dallas airport to get you taken care of but so far I haven’t seen anyone go elsewhere. Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply Derrick! Yeah I just heard that at the Arlington location they don’t do the CFI training there and instead fly you out to nearby available training centers to complete the CFI training and fly you back; furthermore, housing is paid for. Anyway thank you for your response! I will check it out and good luck on your future check rides and lessons!

All CFI training is done in Jacksonville, Atlanta, or Las Vegas. I have heard of classes other places like Tulsa or Texas but you most likely won’t do the CFI portion of your program at your home location.

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