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Flight Bags for new pilot

With my start date approaching soon I guess its time to start Christmas shopping for aviation supplies! I was wondering from current or previous students what flight bags do you recommend? I’ve visited other post that were kind of out dated but I would just like to start a more “up to date” discussion about it. In addition to flight bags, I also reviewed atp required supplies and plan on knocking that also, however im just sill questing the ipad mini or the pro, also the Dave Clark headset. Opinions and thoughts are much appreciated for someone new to the industry.



ATP is giving new students a nifty backpack that is really nice. I bought the Brightline B7 and love it!

I use the iPad Pro 9.7, and I rather the larger screen…some do not. Your preference.

Ahhh the headset…probably the best thing I’ve taken from this forum. @Adam suggested the Bose A20, so I got those…lets just say WOW!!! I’d definitely suggest those if you can swing the price tag.

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Great thanks for the reply!! Ive been looking at flight bag also. I also have the backpack ATP provided however I thought it was just for traveling purposes or use to just carry book to and from the training center you know…Regarding the headset HMM ill have to check those out!


I have said it before and I still go by this opinion, don’t go haywire on supplies so early. Start out with something decent that gets the job done without spending a fortune.

I am not suggesting anything about you in any way, but I have seen students that rolled in with all the expensive gear and not even be able to get through private. Then they have to sell it at a loss on eBay for no good reason.

Hold off on the spending until you actually need to. I had a DC headset all through training and it was great, it cost me $200 on eBay. I only upgraded to the Bose A20 when I started instructing because the DCs were clamping after 6hrs of flying every day and I was even able to trade in the DCs for a $125 credit at


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Everyone at this point knows my affection for the Bose but other than that I’m a big fan of getting and spending the minimum. Why? Because inevitably when you get to training you’ll see someone who’s got something better, cooler whatever. See what’s actually working for the guys and get THAT.


Thanks @Adam and @Yarden!! Great feed back well I’m going to keep it cheap as possible then lol.

Hey Earv,

I’m just starting my second week at ATP so it is probably early for me to make any suggestions haha!
But anyway, I just got a cheaper kneeboard and headset bag with a few pockets. Honestly, so far I’m seeing that I don’t really need any crazy flight bags or anything fancy. I carry a headset, foggles, logbook, gps antenna, iPad (2nd gen-it’s been kinda slow), kneeboard for the Ipad, kneeboard to write on, and a pen or two. If i need chargers and stuff like that I’ve just brought my ATP backpack as well.

As far as iPads go, I think it’s really personal preference. Having a full size iPad is nice for looking at approach plates etc, but it can be rather cumbersome at other times.

I did my Private training with a David Clark H10-13s headset and it did great, it did get uncomfortable after a while though. I now fly with a Bose X headset and love it! Personally, I would highly recommend a noise cancelling headset if you’re going to be flying on a routine bases.

There’s my 2 cents worth haha!


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Apple came out with a new iPad model recently, simply called iPad. It’s 9.7 inches (same as pro) and the price of then mini. I got one when they came out and love it. The full size is nice and the money saving is even better!