Recommended equipment, tool or app, not part of training bundle

In addition to the required equipment (iPad, headset, chart, Foreflight and training bundle), Is there something else that you would strongly recommend, like perhaps a flight computer or handheld radio (or something else)?

Also, any organizations, groups associations or affiliates that you’d recommend looking into or joining?


A good flight bag comes to mind, along with an electronic flight computer and a good old fashioned E6-B.

I recommend

AOPA is awesome and I highly recommend them. Tons of resources and just a great organization.

Everyone laughs at me when I say this but find a really good pair of non-polarized sunglasses. In my not so humble opinion they’re invaluable.


I would second the sunglasses recommendation. And like Adam said, they absolutely must be non-polarized.

Great suggestions. I’m a firm believer of the “buy once, cry once” mantra and would pay more for higher quality and good warranty as opposed to buying something that I will have to replace a couple of years down the road. I own some Briggs and Riley and Tumi bags that I’ve used for 10+ years and they’ve held up to the abuse. Would you guys have any flight bags that you recommend? I know that some of it will be personal preference, but I’m sure some brands hold up better than others. I noticed that a lot of pilots own Luggage Works bags but don’t have any experience with them myself.

As for sunglasses, I have so many but most of them are polarized. I will have to double check to see which ones aren’t but my need to look into a new pair as I like to keep a dedicated pair for different activities.


Without question Luggage Works is THE pilot roller off choice (anything else and you look like a flight attendant). Great quality and great service should you EVER have an issue as they’re warranteed for life.

My only caveat is I would wait till you’re done with the training. A flight bag, duffle or backpack is plenty for training. Schlep around a LW and you look like a wannabe who’s trying wayyyyy too hard and I for one would ridicule you mercilessly.