Flight Gear

Hi all! I will be starting ATP in September with credit for private pilot (I currently have 100+ hours of flight time) and I am wanting to get all my gear in order before I arrive. I will be getting an iPad mini soon, but prior to that I have only flown with paper charts VFR and I know from my experience with that that knee boards can sometimes get in the way with small GA cockpits when you also have short legs.
Getting to the point, do current students (or instructors) prefer a knee board or a window/dash mount for the iPad mini? Which brand or model would you recommend and why? What other gear do you find helpful? And lastly, what travel bag would you recommend (assuming this is in addition to the flight backpack provided by ATP)? Thanks everyone!


This will be of little help to you, but to show you how things have changed, this is what I used to carry:



I will let the young kids actually answer your question.



Hi Kristin,

I’ll chime in on this since I feel like I tried just about every possible setup to find the one I liked best.

In the end I settled on the PIVOT brand case/window mount combination. For me this was the best balance of keeping the iPad accessible and visible, without restricting my movement. The case attaches and detaches to the mount very easily, while still being very sturdy in place.

Unfortunately it is not a cheap option, but I never looked back one I started using it.

Here are the cases (Choose the one that fits your iPad)

And here is the mount I used

This was also the flight bag I used, although I think you could do fine with a whole variety of options in this department.

Good luck in the program!