Rotating kneeboards

Hi everyone,
I’ve looked at the other kneeboard posts, and most likely will get one of the few favorites, but have a couple more questions. Is a “rotating” kneeboard very beneficial for ATP’s program? I know I’ll be using foreflight, and would like to know how many of you would rather have a rotating one if you don’t, or how thankful you are if you DO have one already. Also, would you recommend one that at least has a couple of storage pockets, or areas to write down information? Website reviews are one thing, but opinions from current students/alum are much more beneficial who have gone though this. So, thank you in advance, and much appreciated!



I cannot add much about rotating kneeboards, but I can tell you that I would absolutely have something that had a place for pen and paper. There is no electronic substitute for such things.


Hi Chris,
I guess a better question to ask is, is “landscape” mode often used with foreflight? Many websites and brands push the rotating for that convenience, so one can easily turn it for options that regular view may not show, unless you turn the iPad. I’m not yet familiar with foreflight, so I don’t know if turning it sideways is something I’ll need or want to do all the time with the flick of my hand.


While flying, your iPad will be oriented in portrait mode most of the time. I would say that having a rotating kneeboard may be nice to have for your ground lessons though.



Like Tory mentioned, during your flight training it’s good to have your iPad or tablet oriented portrait. I found it useful during the end of my instrument phase to invest in a yoke mount because I started getting into bad habits with poorly scanning my instruments when briefing approaches and other elements on the charts.