Flight hours in training

Are flight hours in training logged? Do they count towards the 1500? How many hours will someone acquire in training?

-Yes, You will have a logbook from day 1 and learn how to fill it out properly. And all the rules on what you can and can’t log.
-Yes they will count toward your 1500hrs.
-At ATP you will have about 200hrs of flight time and 50hrs of simulator time (50hrs of Sim can be used towards commercial requirements). After reviewing FARs and talking with Brady, 25hrs in a FFS & certain FTDs (not ones ATP uses) can be used towards ATP rating.

Once you are done training you will need to gain the other 1275hrs by being a flight instructor or other form of commercial pilot.

I got hired by SkyWest with about 1480hrs total flight time. The other 20hrs I got from Sim during SkyWest ATP-CTP & Type training.

Chris F

*Edit after checking FARs.

Thank you, Chris!


I just pulled this screenshot right from the ATP website which breaks down the exact numbers that Chris is referring about flight time at ATP you would acquire from “Zero Time.”


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Hi, can CFI’s also log hours toward the 1500 hr requirement when teaching on a simulator?


Technically you can log anything you like (chair flying, watching Top Gun, etc etc) as your log book is YOUR logbook. That said FAR 61.159 specifically states in reference to the total time requirements:
A flight training device may not be used to satisfy this requirement. You can however use up to 25hrs in an FTD to satisfy the Instrument time requirement.


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