Flight Instructing after ATP

Hello all,
First thing: I’ve been curious and been questioning starting with ATP since you are not guaranteed a flight instructing job after completing all of the required prerequisites. Does it matter on how you act/fly during your time as a student during ATP? Or does it depend on if there are any jobs open? I just find it hard because of how many students are enrolled at different ATP locations and the flight instructors must stay there to get their hours, that only the best of the best and the rest (let’s say only 20% get accepted to be an instructor after) of the 80% have to fend to find a flight instructor job somewhere else.

Second thing: I know ATP has a finish up private pilot program for another $8k and something like 30 hours but I don’t need that much. Started solo cross-country 2 months ago but never budged to finish it and gained some rust. I need to do my solo cross countries and then do the final check ride but my instructor I’ve been using has been basically making me spend more money on hours I don’t need (said from another flight instructor this person works with). Is there any sort of private pilot finish up that doesn’t require you do spend around $8k and 30 hours?



You are correct there’s no guaranteed instructor position and that should make you happy. Would you really want to invest tens of thousands of dollars and end up with a mediocre instructor who’s only there because they were guaranteed a job? I wouldn’t and I’m glad I didn’t. Want an instructor position with ATP? It’s actually pretty simple. Work your butt off, always conduct yourself as a professional and treat everyone you meet with respect and you will be offered a position. Don’t and you won’t, it’s that simple.

As for finishing up your PPL ATP offers custom finish up courses based on where you are. You’ll need to contact ATP admin for details. Keep on mind to get credit for your PPL you’ll need at least 78hrs of flight time and if you don’t that will have to be factored into the course.



Correct, ATP does not guarantee a job. I am not aware of any school, in any profession, that guarantees their graduates jobs after training. Of course it matters how you fly and act while you are a student in the program. Think of it from a student perspective. Would you want your flight instructor to be somebody that barely made it through the program, or somebody who did well and acted professionally?

Keep in mind that a good percentage of people chose not to instruct for ATP for whatever reasons, whether they be family, moving closer to home, other jobs lined up, etc. Of the percentage that do want to work for ATP, the company hires people with good training records and who know how to conduct themselves like professionals.

Contact Admin for specifics on the private pilot finish up option.