Flight Insurance?

Hi guys,

At my flight school near me I need to have something like flight insurance in order to fly the airplanes and im think that goes for everywhere? And so this got me thinking, does ATP provide that insurance as part of the included cost of the programme or should you have it from an outside source before you begin? and if they do give you it, what company in it through?

Thanks for the responses


I have never had to have flight insurance as part of my training and I have flown at a total of four different flight schools. The flight school should be responsible for their airplanes and insurance costs, not you. I would find someplace else to fly.



ATP provides full coverage of the aircraft and liability insurance to cover you. No renters policy our outside insurance coverage is needed.

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Thanks a lot for the helpful information! Ill have to look a lot more deeply into other pilots schools to make sure im not being taken advantage of.