Accident Insurance for flying lessons


Does ATP have any type of insurances like health or accident while doing training? I am asking because I sit on the plane, and in case something happens while training who will be responsible for it?

Thank you.

ATP does not provide health insurance to students or instructors, but I’m certain they do have accident insurance on their planes which 99% of the time covers (at least some) medical costs for aircraft occupants due to accidents.


Insurance is complicated and hard to summarize in brief while still being accurate.

ATP recommends a renters policy to students who are concerned about their personal liability insurance coverages. These are available from Avemco and NATA.

ATP does carry an aircraft liability policy that protects you in the event an accident / incident in which you are PIC creates a liability exposure for yourself.

As part of our Flight School Agreement offered to all students upon enrollment, ATP releases you from any liability for damaging ATP aircraft whether your fault or not. You will also not be responsible for any insurance deductible. (A lot of flight schools make students responsible for the deductible if they damage an airplane.)

None of the ATP provided coverages are medical / health insurance. Medical coverage is provided to instructors through ATP’s workers compensation insurance, but not to students.