Flight School Outside US

Hello, this is my first time posting and would appreciate feedback from anyone willing to take the time to help me with my career goals. I am a recently turned 22 year old American (NH). I acquired my PPL a couple years ago and have about 100 hours. I have a goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot. I would love to know what would be the cheapest and/or most efficient way of obtaining this dream. I prefer to not do the 2 year schooling in the USA (but am open to it) but rather in Australia or Europe. I’ll also be an Italian (EU) dual citizen in a few months. Would appreciate any suggestions whether it is recommending a flight school, the steps I would have to take if I do decide to do schooling outside the US or if it simply not be a good idea to do this outside the US, acquiring hours by teaching, or just pointing me in the right direction. Thank you! -Ariodante D’Antilio


This forum was created by ATP and unfortunately I don’t believe any of us can speak intelligently on flight training in Europe. What I do know is there are MANY more pilots who come to the US from Europe then visa versa due to the high cost and extensive testing required in Europe. That said it’s your call and if you desire to fly and train in Europe then I recommend you do some Googling and investigate European schools.


I would encourage you to do your flight training in whatever country you intend on flying in as a pilot. Training and certification standards can vary widely by country, so it makes since to train as close to your intended job as possible.