Flight School Planning

Hello! I am currently a senior in high school. I am also part of the Running Start Program at my local college which is similar to dual enrollment in many other colleges and universities.

By the end of this year, I will graduate with my high school diploma and Associates in Arts & Sciences with an Academic Concentration in Sociology. My plan is to attend the University of Washington and major in Global/International Studies within 2 years since my AA credits will transfer. I then want to pursue flight school.

I have constantly been looking at colleges that offer Aviation programs- specifically Central WA university. However, after much research, I have found that it is better to major in something other than Aviation so I can have something to fall back on. Therefore, I thought Global Studies would be perfect since I love to travel.

Do you think this is an efficient plan?I also have various questions about funding for my training. I do not think I will be able to afford flight training as it is quite expensive. I may also have to fully fund my own education for my last 2 years for the undergraduate degree. What is the best possible way to pay for training? Would it be possible to work part-time and be at ATP Flight School?

Hello Aatqa,

Your plan sounds fine. But yes,unfortunately finances are usually the biggest obstacle many people encounter when pursuing a career in aviation. Most people who can’t self fund take out student loans to pay for training. Also training at ATP is full time so no you would not be able to work part-time.

I’m sure these aren’t the answers you want but that’s the reality.



It is fantastic that you are already half way to your college degree, you will definitely want that when it comes time for you to apply to the majors. I agree that a non-aviation degree would be best.

Don’t let finances worry you too much yet. You will most likely be able to get federally backed loans to help with your remaining education. After that you will need to get a private loan. Many times the private lenders ask for a co-signer on the loans. My mother co-signed for me as I was young and did not have any credit to speak of.

Don’t worry about things that are far down the road just yet. Focus on doing well the next two years in college. When you get near college graduation you can turn your eyes towards flight training.


Thank you for your response! I’ll plan to work something out! :slight_smile:

Thank you Chris for your suggestions! You’re right – I’ll just focus on the undergrad degree for now and then see where life takes me!